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BIZ BUDDIES is a new generation of solo entrepreneurs - connected, inspired, ambitious and independent. We succeed on our own without being alone. Are you one of us?

let us take a guess:

Full of ideas and highly motivated you decided to create your very own business, went through one or more business coachings and programs, grasping all the knowledge you could about how to run a successful business - but you still feel stuck and insecure about where to start or what to do next? Here are the reasons why you are still waiting for the results you wish for:

All the strategies and methods in the world mean nothing, if you don't take action

Learning the basics is important, but applying your knowledge to your business and making smart decisions along the way is where the real game begins. And that needs constant commitment and focus - quite a challenge. Because in the beginning, it's easy to get overwhelmed with all the things you could and should do to grow your business. Everybody has blind spots when it comes to that. Becoming aware of them, setting realistic goals and effective priorities is key to get the necessary steps right.

even if you know everything, in theory, it can not compensate real experience

When you start your business everything is new and unknown - your confidence just grows over time. And the thought of just trying and failing is one of the scariest to every solo entrepreneur. It's just natural, that you feel unmotivated and insecure from time to time. To succeed with your business you need to reflect regularly on your actions, celebrate your wins, and push yourself to stand up and try again each and every time you feel knocked down. That's when you create the success of your dreams.

no matter how motivated and committed you are, you won't go anywhere without the support

The real secret in achieving your goals and creating the life of your dreams is being surrounded by people who not only support and encourage but also hold you accountable on your journey. Growing your own business is a hell of a ride full of ups and downs, opportunities, setbacks, wins, and learnings. What most solo entrepreneurs lack, is a circle of people to share that with. Getting yourself at least one person that helps you to master every step of the way is the real secret to the results you hope for.

Are you ready to create the results you wish for?

That’s exactly where we as BIZ BUDDIES step in! We make sure you don’t get soaked up in thousands of tasks but instead, you can focus on the tasks with the highest ROI. We expand your horizon and fill your head with creative ideas. We enable you to make the best choice at every step of your career. We empower you to succeed on your own, without being alone. 

Solo ends now! Are you in? 

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  • Weekly individual call to discuss your goals, wins, lessons, and action plans
  • Personal group chat for ongoing support and feedback
  • Individual sales script and copywriting support
  • Personal templates and worksheets to boost performance
  • Access to BIZ BUDDIES – THE CLAN with all its benefits


  • Weekly group call with monthly book content and Q&A
  • Access to a channel and discussion group to connect with other BIZ BUDDIES
  • Templates and worksheets according to monthly book topic
  • Guided meditations to deep dive into business topics and productivity hacks
  • Tipps on lead generation, copywriting and podcast resources


What our clients say

Hey guys, just wanted to shoot you a message to say thank you real quick for everything you've done for me so far. You've really given me a tremendous amount of support and accountability, helping me with my coaching business during the last couple of months. And because of that and of course because of your amazing expertise in sales, marketing and also mindset (had a crazy amount of limiting beliefs holding me back that I wasn't even aware of before working with you that are now affecting me less and less) I've been able to build an epic, highly engaged facebook group and am finally starting to get clients for my business again. If it wasn't for you I would've probably just kept bashing my head against the wall doing the same stuff that just doesn't work over and over and would've probably given up by now. Whereas now I just know the right stuff to do and also have the mindset and self belief that I needed to actually make it work. I think that what you've created with Biz Buddies is really the best offer for solopreneurs out there. To be honest I'd say that anybody who's in the process of building a business, doesn't have a team yet and doesn't take your program is kinda stupid 😅. And I really mean that. So again, thanks for all the great help you've given me. Looking forward to everything that's to come 👊
Valentin and Gina made me realized the biggest mistakes I was doing while working on growing my business. In 2 weeks I have been able to make more calls than I did in the last 3 months! This is the biggest period of growth I ever had in my business. I wish I knew this sooner.
Super grateful for the support from the BIZ BUDDIES clan, having Gina and Valentin behind my back is gold. Tbh even for someone like me that has the knowledge on what to take action on, I didn't realise how many weak links in my business were present. From making sure I was aligned with my why and purpose to taking my copy to the next level and working on some networking and dream100 that litteraly NO ONE talks about, I've been able to make so much progress in my biz while saying good bye to doubts, procrastination but instead moving fast while leaning where the growth and results really lies, thanks fam 🙏🏼🧡🔥
This has literally transformed my life. [...] I remember at the beginning, it’s always the same thing, you know, it’s a new guy, you’re investing so you don’t necessarily know, you’re facing the unknown basically, you’re jumping into an experience where you don’t know what’s going to happen yet. And this is what I did. And if I can be honest, this is probably the best decision of my entire life that I’ve been taking in terms of investment and in terms of being coached by somebody who’s really caring about my own interest. So from the beginning I already had that vibe that this guy was really interested in helping me so this is what made me take that decision and when I took it, it’s been crazy how many tools that this guy and Gina – btw Gina is an associate with Valentin and she’s really amazing, she’s been giving me a lot of tools and from these tools they’re giving you you’re bringing them to your expertise and to your business and you’re having an instant feedback from him (Valentin) through different calls and from his service of always listening and responding in really fast paces. [...] and to be honest this was literally the best mentorship that I did in terms of business and business building and I will never regret that investment. So from the bottom of my heart thank you very much again, Valentin, for what you did to me, because if there was one thing that can describe this experience it’s “Difference”. It’s extremely different from other coaching that I’ve had and I believe that everyone should not only invest in themselves but giving that opportunity to Valentin to guiding you to your desired result so from there after that you’ll thank him later like I’m doing right now.
"I want to recommend Valentin. He helped me to get my first client. I’m pretty happy and I never believed that I could do it. He was always there for me when I needed him – I could always text him, he gave me the right direction, even in this difficult situation now. I got my first client. I believed in myself since he helped me overcome some of my limiting beliefs and what people told me I could and couldn’t do. Now, I did it and I never give up and I wanna give props to Valentin…"
You know man, I bought all these courses that cost thousands of dollars, like from every company, from every guru, trying to get results in my life that I'm happy with, like success and everything. But in just one month you changed my life more than they did and helped me find the truth a lot better than all that money I spent, all that time I spent, all that years I spent, watching tons of videos on YouTube. It feels pretty bad to waste all that time, but I'm glad that it's over now.
I've taken several programs and mentors on business but no one does it like Valentin. He doesn't just focus on sales and marketing, which is very important, he also focuses on the underlying foundations of what makes people trust you and wanna buy from you. He's a great mentor, he's very patient and he always listens to you. [...] This man will give you everything he knows and is patient to repeat it 100 times. He gives and gives - then eventually you're doing the same thing for your prospects and clients. His strategies are short, smart and multi-purposeful. He is a great business mentor to have.
Thanks to BIZ BUDDIES my skills in marketing and sales have skyrocketed. When it comes to copy-writing, Gina is very pragmatic and upfront. She dissected my writing like a surgeon and removed the blind spots associated to this. Her specific way of teaching allowed me to gain higher clarity and confidence in my postings as well. I finally know how to speak to my audience the right way!

want in?

Are you ready to succeed on your own without being alone? Let’s talk about how to kickstart your business and create the life of your dreams – with BIZ BUDDIES!


Hi, we are Gina and Valentin the founders of BIZ BUDDIES.  As solo entrepreneurs with several own businesses we continuously faced especially one challenge: Being alone in this. We found ourselves getting stuck over and over again - by making the wrong decision, setting wrong priorities, or just not taking the time for taking the right action. Until we came to realize that what we needed to make our business thrive were people to share our journey with.

Because, who’s telling us, a solo entrepreneur has to go solo all the time? Who’s telling us, we have to push ourselves because nobody else is doing it? Who’s telling us, the only solution to success is buying yet another program from the next “guru”?

It has been those questions that made us realize we don’t want to buy into this narrative anymore. It’s what made us understand what really is missing to achieve greatness in your business. It’s what made us create BIZ BUDDIES. It’s what made us decide we are not going solo anymore. 

We believe that you don’t need another business coach, mentor, or program to help you get your business rolling and crushing. What you need is a business buddy who sees him or herself responsible for your outcome. Somebody who’ll be with you during all these ups and downs that are just part of running a successful business. Somebody who supports you with advice or a push whenever you need it. Somebody who’s committed to helping you create incredible results for your business.

What you need are BIZ BUDDIES!



Gina has a masters degree in Advanced Marketing and Management and has worked in Marketing and Project Management for several agencies as well as big brands for over 8 years. After some serious health troubles, she decided to share here story and secrets to a happy and healthy life to help others and finally built her very own business as a Fitness & Health Coach. As co-founder of BIZ BUDDIES she brings tons of experience and knowledge about branding, design and copywriting to the table and creates all the tools and templates, written content and visuals as well as the website. You need feedback and tips on your brand, your marketing material, social posts or articles? Gina is the perfect second pair of eyes for every story and piece of content you want to put out there.



Valentin started his first business at 16, without having the slightest foundation for it, but just to make money with his passion. Relatively early on, he realised that being really successful was all about Networking, Sales and an extraordinary brand. Driven by his own vision of helping other people on their mission too, he further developed these skills while working with hundreds of clients & dozens of internationally respected brands on their Sales, Marketing & Fulfilment. As co-founder of BIZ BUDDIES, Valentin brings his experience and knowledge as your head coach & companion to your business. You want to grind on new marketing strategies or tactics, on your sales performance and the mindset of an exceptional entrepreneur? Valentin will make sure you get you there.